It’s Saturday, or for us (Sabbath Day).  We are Seventh Day Adventist Christians who honor the Lord on the seventh day of the week, called Sabbath.  Most of the world believes Sunday is the holy day for Christians to go to church, but the truth is Saturday, which is the 7th day of the week and mentioned in the Bible, is actually the day of the Lord.  It started with Emperor Constantine who, after converting to Christianity, observed the customs of the Gentiles and looked upon Sunday as the holy day.  Sunday was derived from the Sun (Sun-Day) since worship of the Sun was an ancient ritual.  Eventually the Catholic church adopted it and made it law to worship that day.  The Catholic church established itself as the world church at that time and now most churches have adapted to Sunday.  The Catholic church won’t deny it, either.  Daniel 7:25 mentions about it, “think to change times and laws”.  Many of the prophecies in the Bible have already happened.  For more info check out for more info. 

I’m currently getting my first book published called, “Between The Lines”.  It’s a fictional story about a young detective who goes undercover in the most unusual way.  A science fiction, drama, action book that’ll surely be exciting to read.  Until next time.


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I'm an outgoing, detail-oriented person who has much to share.
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